Basics of Concrete and Steel Repair

Concrete and steel are very strong and durable building materials that are used all over the globe.

These materials can be specially formulated to endure some of the harshest environmental, physical, and weather conditions on the planet.

Sometimes, even these materials can succumb to the harsh conditions and need to be repaired.

Steel and Concrete repair specialists can inspect, evaluate, and recommend an action plan.

Sometimes, Durable Materials Can Fail

Even though concrete and steel are very durable materials and made to last for a long time, structural defects can occur.

Depending on the amount of damage present, the repairs may be minor, or extensive, requiring complex restoration measures.

Damaged or weathered concrete and steel structures can be hazardous to workers and public safety.

It is critical that all defects are inspected and evaluated as soon as possible.

Repairs to industrial concrete floor

Repairs to industrial concrete floor

Concrete and steel have unique and specialised properties for nearly unlimited applications and uses.

Professional engineers and technicians trained and licensed in these fields are industry experts.

Many concrete structures are reinforced with steel, resulting in a much more stable and resilient assembly.

Some structures are rigid, while some are designed to have a degree of flexibility. All structures can be subject to deterioration and possibly breakdown and failure.

Adversaries of Concrete and Steel

Concrete and steel damage can occur from many adverse conditions, including but not limited to:

  • Chemicals
  • Corrosion
  • Excessive weight
  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Improper protective coatings or coverings
  • Lightning
  • Physical stress
  • Temperature extremes and fluctuations
  • Water
  • Weather

Concrete and steel repair or replacement is only part of the solution.

Damage prevention is always the preferred measure for any project.

After the appropriate repairs or replacements are made, it is critical to implement protective actions, if possible, to reduce the possibility of future damage.

Unexpected Circumstances

During the restoration processes, it may be determined that additional supporting structures will need to be installed to reduce or prevent further deterioration occurring.

The concrete and steel repair specialists will work closely with your organization. Sometimes, unforeseen events may occur.

Additionally, damage may be more extensive or structural repairs may be more complex than initially evaluated.

Professional engineers and technicians in the concrete and steel repair business are available to inspect and evaluate your damaged structures.

They will provide recommendations to repair existing damage and reduce or prevent future structural breakdowns or failures.

Lastly, it is very important to only hire licensed, bonded, and insured contractors for your project.

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