Yes, the prep work counts – the benefits of engineered surface preparation

Surface preparation is a general term for many types of surface cleaning processes.

The process includes abrasive or sandblasting and high-pressure water power washing to remove dirt, paint, corrosion, and other contaminants and impurities from a surface.

It is critical that surfaces are cleaned and free of any unwanted materials before protective coatings, such as paints, can be applied.

Surfaces can be prepared in various ways before protective coating are applied, including, but not limited to:

  • Abrasive blasting – with and without solid particles
  • Manual scraping
  • Chemical treatments

Each of these surface preparations is used for specific needs.

A surface preparation specialist will make cleaning recommendations for your project.

Nearly every type of surface can be cleaned and revitalized to extend the functional life of the object.

Some typical surface types that can be restored include:

  • Concrete
  • Masonry and Stone
  • Steel and other metals

Some typical objects that can be restored include:

  • Buildings
  • Decorative and ornamental architectural objects
  • Industrial equipment and structures
  • Public access structures – such as, bridges
  • Public access ways – such as, sidewalks
  • Vehicles

Benefits of Five Star Surface Preparation

When surface preparation actions are conducted and protective coatings are correctly applied, the long-term benefits can be substantial.

Restoration costs can be significantly less than replacement costs.

Clean, restored, and refinished equipment operates better than dirty or damaged devices.

When your equipment is functioning properly, there may be a reduced risk of accidents, which promotes employee safety and reduces project down-time.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Equipment and structure protection – Remove rust and corrosion
  • Extends the life of equipment and structures – Clean equipment functions better
  • Reduces replacement costs – Cleaning can be less expensive than new equipment
  • Long-term maintenance cost savings – Fewer repairs
  • Worker safety – Clean and well-functioning equipment can reduce accidents
  • Environmental protection – Clean equipment and structures reduce the chance of stray surface contaminants being released into the environment
  • Public safety and aesthetics – Clean public areas are safer and look great

Engineered surface preparation is a critical process in equipment and structure restoration.

Clean, restored, and well-functioning equipment enhances productivity, optimizes labor costs, and promotes a safer work environment.

Restored public access buildings and structures are aesthetically appealing and can contribute to community safety.

Architectural designs and functional building features can benefit from restoration processes to restore the original beauty and lustre of the artistry.

Many types of equipment, materials, and structures can be restored and revitalized.

In many cases, engineered surface preparation is the first step in the process to reducing maintenance or replacement costs and to extend the life of your investments.

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