Specialist lead paint removal

Concrete repairs, installations and other building improvement works often leave hazardous wastes such as removed lead paint, resins, adhesives, glues, and even asbestos fibres.

Many buildings constructed in the seventies used asbestos as a fire retardant. Due to the carcinogenic effect of certain hazardous substances such as asbestos fibres, existing laws require workplace owners or managers to undertake specific steps for their lead paint removal and disposal in order to ensure the safety of workers and the environment.

The services of qualified contractors only should be engaged for hazardous substances removal and management in the workplace.

What are hazardous substances?

Hazardous substances are those that can cause adverse effects on the health of workers who are exposed to them. These include asbestos fibres, poisons, early types of industrial coatings, and substances that cause burns and skin and eye irritation or even cancer. A comprehensive list of hazardous substances can be found in the Hazardous Substances Information System (HSIS) database.

Conditions during removal

Lead paint laws are very strict, including other hazardous substances they must be removed and disposed of according to existing regulations. In particular, dust containing contaminants ordinarily generated during demolition and construction activities must be minimised, if not eliminated – dust control during concrete removal is essential.

Applying water over dust-causing substances, hydro demolition and HEPA vacuuming are just some of the procedures that Diamond Protective Coating Services uses which can reduce the amount of dust in the workplace.

Methods of managing hazardous substances

The movement of certain hazardous substances is also regulated, and may require encapsulation. Encapsulation refers to the creation of a structure, usually concrete or other concrete-like materials, which completely surround sealed containers of hazardous waste or substances.

This technique immobilises the hazardous substance and prevents its migration and contamination of the environment. Encapsulation may be used for immobilising inorganic wastes such as paint flakes, which may contain heavy toxic metals.

DPCS offers safe and effective lead paint removal and other hazardous substance removal and encapsulation services which complement surface preparation, concrete removal, application of industrial coatings and other construction activities.

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