Reduce harm to the environment by using high pressure water cleaning

A clean surface is essential in paint coating performance and corrosion protection systems. While it is possible for excellent surface preparation to extend the life of low quality coating, excellent coating can fail without correct surface preparation.

Water pressure cleaning allows you to target specific areas with the least harm to adjacent material and the environment. Its effective cleaning action makes ultra-high pressure water cleaning suitable for many situations, including:

  • Wall cleaning
  • Gutter and roof cleaning
  • Pavement cleaning
  • Window cleaning and general maintenance
  • Mould and algae removal
  • Airport runway rubber cleaning
  • Gum removal on concrete floors
  • Existing coating removal
  • Graffiti removal

As specialists in high pressure water cleaning, Diamond Protective Coatings Services can help solve your specific cleaning requirements with services that include:

Ultra-high pressure water washing, hydro blasting and hydro jetting

Ultra-high pressure water cleaning is a type of hydro blasting or hydro jet cleaning technique which uses very high water pressure, usually above 25,000 PSI, to prepare many types of surfaces before applying corrosion protection, or undertaking repair and restoration works.

Surface preparation is an important first step in your corrosion protection program as a clean surface, free of corrosive materials, allows excellent adhesion of protective coatings, prolonging the life of protected material and reducing maintenance costs. Many premature failures of corrosion protection systems can be traced to inadequate surface preparation. Using the best surface preparation technique is a cost-effective measure which can reduce maintenance and replacement costs.

Surface preparation ordinarily involves the removal of:

  • Rust and scale from steel according to NACE Standards No. 5/SSPC-SP 12.
  • Salts and contaminants
  • Marine encrustation
  • Degraded coatings used as barriers against moisture and chemical contaminants

Why you need ultra-high pressure water cleaning

Dust free > Unlike other surface preparation techniques, hydro blasting uses water instead of abrasive materials that can produce dust and other harmful abrasive wastes.

Variable settings > Water pressure and jet size determine the extent of surface preparation. Equipment can be adjusted at different water pressures to clean a variety of surfaces.

Safe method > This technique reduces the risk of ignition in hazardous and confined environments. Water is the primary ingredient or sometimes the only cleaning material used, improving safety in the workplace.

External cleaning

The exterior of your building and other structures can accumulate dirt and grime over time. Dust, mould, mildew, and oil stains can negatively affect the appearance of your property, reducing its visual appeal and sale value. Most surface dirt can be removed through external cleaning services, prolonging the life of existing paint coating and reducing replacement costs.

Water pressure cleaning applies a direct stream of water at varying pressures is a safe and effective method for cleaning exterior surfaces of buildings, homes, roofs, decks, screens, driveways, paths and other outdoor structures requiring regular maintenance. Exterior surfaces are ordinarily protected by paint coating which may become soiled, cracked, or chalked through exposure to harsh elements and ordinary wear and tear. This is why external cleaning forms part of regular building maintenance which prevents degradation of protective coating, removes chalking and surface dirt.

We know that graffiti is a growing problem in many areas. Our external water pressure cleaning services, combined with anti-graffiti protection, can save you the time and expense of removing unsightly graffiti from your building, walls, and other structures.

External pressure cleaning services work well for:

  • Window cleaning and washing including high-reach windows
  • Power washing to keep premises looking new
  • Specialist cleaning for removal of scum, algae, moss, mould and other biological problems
  • General outdoor maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Driveway cleaning
  • Path cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Roof cleaning

Repair concrete corrosion by hydro blast demolition

Hydro blasting or hydro jetting uses water propelled at extremely high speeds to clean surfaces, remove traces of corrosion and debris, and cut through concrete material. Concrete is porous and easily penetrated by water through minute cracks and cavities within the concrete mass.

When a strong water jet is directly applied to the surface of concrete, the high-pressure drives water into the concrete mass, causing it to fracture and split. Repairing concrete structures involves careful selection and accurate removal of some concrete materials at predetermined depths, leaving substrate and steel reinforcement of the structure unharmed. By adjusting the hydro water blast technique, water pressure, jet size and water speed, it is possible to remove only damaged or delaminated concrete without affecting sound concrete material.

Hydro blast demolition is ideal for:

  • Removal of corrosion and mortar paste
  • Partial removal of deteriorated material without harming steel reinforcement
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete removal
  • Concrete removal around embedded metal elements
  • Removal of existing coatings from concrete
  • Surface preparation before applying protective coating or new layers

Advantages of hydro blasting demolition

Eco friendly > Water as a cleaning agent eliminates dust that is ordinarily produced during abrasive blasting and other cleaning procedures and demolition activities. Hydro blasting is increasingly popular as an environmentally friendly solution.

Effective and safe cleaning > Strong pressure allows water to penetrate only deteriorated surfaces which leaves sound concrete intact. This process exposes embedded reinforcing for complete removal of corrosion, scale, and salt from badly pitted and corroded steel.

Effective surface preparation > Steel surfaces require proper cleaning and protective coat application to prevent corrosion. Hydro water blast is a technique that leaves behind a thoroughly cleaned surface which bond better to new layers and protective coatings for corrosion protection.

Noise and delamination reduction > Hydro water blasting produces less noise and vibration, reducing delamination and damage to adjacent structures.

The right equipment and technique are crucial in concrete hydro demolition services. Diamond Protective Coating Services has the latest technology to provide you with fast and cost-effective, hydro blasting demolition and corrosion protection services for your needs.

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