Benefits Of Using Protective Coatings

Corrosion, which is a natural occurrence, is the deterioration of a substance or its properties due to a reaction with something in its environment.

Corrosion can cause dangerous, costly damage to many everyday objects.

Fortunately, there are methods that can control this natural occurrence which will impact public safety, the economy and the environment.

There are many ways to prevent and remedy corrosion, one of them being industrial coatings.

Types of protective coatings

Anti-slip coatings: These coatings have high safety values and are effective in preventing corrosion by creating a barrier between the surface and outside elements that cause corrosion of the surface. These products help with moisture resistance, have a quick cure time and great adhesion to concrete and steel. These coatings can extend the lifespan of existing structures that are made of concrete and steel. They have a variety of uses in various structures, including:

•    Bridge coating
•    Tank coatings
•    Roof coatings
•    Theme park design
•    Flooring and parking decks

Self-leveling products: These are solutions for areas that experience high traffic. These products are able to withstand a lot of pressure. They can resist moisture. They can also protect objects from falls. Some self-leveling products dry fast which minimizes disruption in areas that experience a lot of traffic and cannot be out of commission for too long, such as malls, restaurants and hotels.

Potable water coatings: Water tanks used to hold drinking water have a high deterioration rate. As a result, they rely highly on methods for corrosion protection. Because this involves drinking water, Australia has regulations governing the criteria for acceptable tank linings which include odour, appearance, taste, the ability to support growth of micro-organisms and the toxicity of metals and non-metal substance that are present in the product. Polyurea resin has been the most popular technology used for lining water tanks because of its fast setting time, its high elasticity, its impermeability and its abrasion resistance.

Coatings must always be applied correctly according to a manufacturer’s instructions. It is imperative to employ a qualified applicator who is skilled and trained in applying these types of coatings to any sort of material.

The Painting Contractor Certification Program sets requirements for the accreditation of contractors who can engage in areas such as site painting, shop painting, and the management of hazardous coatings. This can ensure that applicators of coating have the right training and equipment to properly apply the coatings according to a manufacturer’s specifications.

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