Superior protection for concrete flooring

Concrete floor coatings can be applied to enhance their appearance or lend the appropriate ambience in different situations. Coatings may be textured, or appear as smooth, glossy, or matte and can be combined with attractive colours and designs.

Concrete corrosion protection systems can protect concrete floors against cracks and chips due to heavy use and daily wear and tear. As a protective layer, concrete floor coating can resist many chemicals such as solvents, acids, fats, oils, and water.

Our concrete floor coatings are available in various resins or compounds such as epoxies and vinyl esters. Epoxies are resistant to automotive fluids and chemicals while vinyl esters have excellent chemical resistance, superior adhesion, easy applications, and combined applications which utilise multiple layers of grits to get textured coatings.

Regardless of the type of concrete floor coating you use, surface protection prior to application is essential. Diamond Protective Coating Services can determine the appropriate surface preparation and coatings for your concrete.

We provide concrete floor coatings and related services, including:

Application of floor coatings

The success of concrete coatings applied to your concrete floors depends on important factors such as surface preparation, thickness of coating film, application technique, and conditions during application.

Surface preparation > Concrete substrates must be free of contaminants such as oils, curing solutions, mould release agents, and dust before the application of industrial coatings. The surface to be coated must be dry at the time of application. Cracks in concrete need to be repaired to promote excellent adhesion of the coating product. Abrasive blasting removes surface contaminants and sufficiently prepares concrete for application of floor coatings.

Film thickness > An insufficient amount of coating will lead to its premature failure, while excessive amounts can cause loss of adhesion or splitting of primer coats.

Method of application> Epoxies are typically applied with a brush, roller, and conventional air spray. Vinyl esters are applied with a trowel. We always use the appropriate application technique as recommended in the manufacturers’ instructions.

Conditions during application > Conditions such as the current state of the substrate, surface temperature, and atmospheric conditions at the time of painting must also be consistent with manufacturer specifications for the success of industrial coatings.


Only qualified and experienced service contractors such as the Diamond Protective Coating Services team can provide concrete floor coatings and application services, following strict manufacturer standards and using only appropriate equipment for industrial coatings.

Application of anti-slip coatings

Slips and falls in the workplace can cause serious injuries and lead to huge losses for business owners. Workplace safety laws require employers to take all reasonably practical steps for the health and safety of their employees, including the application of anti-slip and industrial coatings on concrete floors.

Appropriate industrial coatings can increase friction and adhesion, key factors of slip resistant floors. Many anti-slip solutions focus on providing or increasing surface roughness.

These include:

  • Strong acid etches
  • Mineral coated adhesive strips
  • Sand blasting
  • Grinding
  • Grooving with diamond saw
  • Industrial coatings such as acrylics, flexible polymers, polyester resin, vinyl ester resin, and epoxy

Anti-slip adhesive strips wear out easily and are temporary solutions. Sandblasting, grinding and growing with diamond saw are mechanical procedures which roughen concrete surfaces, making them slip resistant. Industrial coatings can be combined with aggregates such as rubber particles, silica sands, and silicon carbide granules to produce optimum slip resistance, particularly for oily surfaces. Coatings have the added advantage of preventing moisture and other chemicals from penetrating concrete. They are also suitable for natural materials such as clay pavers and ceramic tiles.

Application of self-levelling products for concrete floors

Self-levelling products made from specialist materials offer maximum safety and an effective concrete coating systems by creating a barrier between the surface structure and outside elements to prevent corrosion.

The benefits of these coatings include:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel
  • High tensile strength
  • Quick cure time

Self-levelling products are ideal flooring solutions for high traffic areas because they withstand constant pressure, resist moisture and protect objects from falls. Diamond Protective Coating Services uses self-levelling products that are fast-drying, providing you with minimal disruption to access in busy areas such as warehouses, storage areas, malls, retail spaces, restaurants, factories, hotels, casinos, museums, and showrooms.

Proper surface preparation, primer application, over-layment application, finishing, and maintenance are crucial for maximum impact of concrete corrosion protection systems. Applicators must have the right equipment and training for precise product application which follows manufacturer’s specifications.

Self-levelling products for industrial floors

Self-levelling industrial floor paint and products are special cement compounds with high flow characteristics which leave a smooth and flat surface. They are typically used as underlayment and top coating for concrete floors. Self-levelling products appear smooth enough to constitute the actual finished floor without need for any floor covering such as sheet vinyl and ceramic tile.

They contain polymers which produce a viscosity that remains consistent from top to bottom useful for correcting uneven floors, repairing damaged concrete, providing a smooth, durable protective coating and decorating floors.

The benefits of self-levelling products include:

  • The ability to be applied in layers with varying thickness, as thin as a credit card or up to several inches thick
  • Excellent adhesion to existing concrete
  • Resistance to damage from salt, chemicals, abrasion, and other conditions
  • May be decorated with colour dyes, stains, saw cuts and mechanical polishing for visual appeal
  • Fast acting and do not require trowelling for a smooth finish.

Industrial paint and self-levelling products are often used for coating warehouse floors, light industrial applications, retail stores, and institutional facilities. You can choose to leave them seamless or incorporate decorative designs.

Industrial safety colour coding

Make your intentions aware at the workplace by following the industrial safety colour code. Workplace safety often involves the use of properly marked concrete floors following industrial safety codes and standards representing various levels of hazards.

Coloured paint coatings on concrete floors last long, are easy to apply by professionals, and can be used to identify equipment and floor areas regardless of shape and size.

Industrial Safety Colour Code Standard paint coating colours for concrete floors include:

Yellow > Border colour for aisle ways, traffic lanes and work cells.

White > Identify areas containing equipment and fixtures not otherwise colour coded such as work stations, floor stand displays, and racks.

Blue, green, and/or black > Identify materials and components, including raw materials, work-in progress and finished goods.

Orange > Identify materials or products held for inspection.

Red > Marks defects, scrap, re-work, and re-tag areas.

Red and white > This combination identifies areas which must be kept clean for safety or compliance reasons, such as firefighting equipment and first aid stations.

Black and white > Indicate areas which must be kept clean for operational purposes and are not related to safety and local compliance.

Black and yellow > Identify areas which may expose employees to special physical or health hazards.

Diamond Protective Coating Services provide a wide range of concrete floor services including applying paint coating in appropriate colours for increased work safety.

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